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Why WordPress development can be a great option

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WordPress development enables us.

Its true that WordPress development is one technique among many. So the question is: when to use WordPress.

WordPress is ostensibly a CMS (Content Management System). One among many, but also the World’s most popular CMS by quite a big margin. Not without good cause. WordPress is pretty amazing in many ways, especially given that its Open Source and free. But like any good tool, its as much about how its used as what its capable of. The capabilities only create potential. Not results by themselves.

So what can we do with WordPress and what are the advantages of using this amazing tool?

To see some finished examples of what can be done with the WordPress development approach, just take a look at our Portfolio of Work. Much of it has been achieved using WordPress development. The diversity of the websites in our portfolio, both in terms of design concepts and functionality, should convince you of the power and flexibility of WordPress in the right hands.

Our Portfolio


InstallersMate is a membership application that connects to the GasSafe API, allowing users to create their GasSafe notifications in a simple interface then have every other aspect of this process taken care of for them, including annual reminders, warranty certificates and more.

Cola Stoves is a searchable product database providing a simple interface for potential customers to search, filter and browse these sophisticated products in an intuitive way.

The Ecertsecure website is an attractive and effective online marketing device, showing off their products and services in a contemporary style. The same is true of its sister website, Emergesecure.

As well as a powerful marketing tool, the Ferroli website is doing high transaction ecommerce.

The SEAS website is a huge marketing tool also offering an events system and selling an array of memberships online.

What are the advantages of WordPress development?

Here are the core things:

  • WordPress is a very powerful CMS, out of the box. This means as well as getting a great website you also get great online tools for managing your site.
  • Its Open Source – this means that not only is the toolset free but there is a huge online community supporting WordPress developers. This has been one of the greatest successes of WordPress – to build such a huge online community. Its a big reason why WordPress has become ubiquitous.
  • WordPress is flexible and customisable. Unlike some CMS systems, the WordPress templating system is powerful and flexible. It means there are almost no limits imposed on the scope of what can be achieved in a creative sense. As well as this, the underlying logic of WordPress is flexible too, meaning that in the right hands, the application becomes almost a framework that facilitates development of bespoke functionality.
  • Its is continually evolving.
  • WordPress has an extensible architecture. In short, there are many thousands of very good 3rd party plugins available via the curated WordPress repository – many free and some paid, that add modules of functionality to the WordPress core, extending the scope of what can be achieved beyond almost all limits.

The bottom line however is that, in the right hands, leveraging the power of WordPress can mean huge savings getting an idea or a product off the ground. It means faster, more effective routes from concept to production. A modern marketing agency like ours would be crazy not to be taking advantage of this for our clients.

Examples of solutions that can be built using WordPress plus customisation.

  • Ecommerce
  • Events systems
  • Ticketing systems
  • Directories
  • Bespoke online applications and services
  • Multi-platform apps
  • Membership sites and community portals

If you would like to talk to us about leveraging the power of WordPress, please get in touch

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