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The Essential Tip For Your Blog – Evergreen Content

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So you’ve set up your blog or content resource. Now what do you write about?

If you’re a small or medium sized team it’s unlikely that you’ll have somebody dedicated to managing your content output full-time.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t maximise the potential of your content though. Evergreen Content is the most efficient way for you to use your content marketing.

What is evergreen content?


Evergreen takes its name from evergreen trees. Trees which are full of life the whole year around. Like those trees, evergreen content is sustainable and long lasting. It doesn’t fade away.

“Of course it doesn’t disappear.” You may be thinking. Your articles or blog will be there as long as your website exists. But many articles quickly loose relevance, nobody is searching for them. Your article is resigned to the Google graveyard never to be read again.

Sometimes it’s easier to visualise these things with an example.

You notice that everyone’s talking about the Rugby World Cup, so you theme an article around this (“What the Rugby World Cup tells us about _____”). Which is fine and good. Plenty of people will be searching for the Rugby World Cup, and you may pick up some website views and some leads.

But a week later, and you’re getting no more views, and no more leads. This is because nobody is searching for anything related to the RWC. And the same goes for any other news/fad/time specific piece of content. It will inevitably become obsolete and stop generating any leads – and stop being a resource for your business.

Why does evergreen content work?

Evergreen content works because it will generate sustainable views and leads long into the future.

Let’s use the Rugby World Cup example, in its first week that article may have gained 5000 views. In its second week that drops to 2500. And then after that it never gets another view. Your evergreen content will generate those views month on month on month.

Evergreen Content

This doesn’t just make evergreen content an effective content technique, it’s an effective marketing technique. Let’s say that you decide to purchase a call list. Once you’ve exhausted that list, how do you get more leads? You have to pay for another.

With Evergreen content once you’ve paid for the set up of that article, it’s a constant resource that will generate more and more leads as time goes on – without requiring constant reinvestment.


Examples of evergreen content

There are a huge range of formats that fall under evergreen. Below we’ve put some of the most popular.

  • Lists
  • Top tips
  • ‘How to’ guides

These are formats that lend themselves to long-lasting content. Obviously it’s important that there is a focus on your business. That could be ’10 ways to check your boiler is working properly’ for a boiler company or ‘How to get the cheapest deals on flights’ for a money-saving website.

An easy way to come up with evergreen content ideas is to think of questions that people will be searching for. The more niche the better – as if you’re answering a question that nobody else has answered, you’ll be the first resource your customer comes to.

There will always be beginners. There will always be people who are new to your field and need to know the basics. And if they find an answer through you, it’s likely that next time they have a question they’ll come to you again. For these new customers, you become an authority on your subject, and you’ve built up a trust and brand loyalty. And all you needed to do was answer simple questions in an effective way.

In short:- Taking the time to create high quality evergreen content will go a long way towards bringing in new leads, boosting your website’s authority and changing your overall perception as a leader within your industry.


Working with Sans Frontiere

If you want to leave your content in safe hands. We can set up your blog with bespoke web design, create content for your business, and then ensure through paid search and display and organic SEO – that your content gets out to your audience.

Evergreen content is only one method that Sans Frontiere can use to deliver marketing solutions to your business. We also provide a range of services including design and branding and will work with you to find the right strategy for your company.

For a free consultation regarding your business, and the benefits of working with a marketing agency, contact us today.

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