Sans Frontiere’s production in TV and Radio over the years has starred a range of celebrities including David Walliams for LD Lines, weatherman Michael Fish for Butlins and Caroline Quentin & Neil Morrissey for Autotrader.

Sans Frontiere offers a full commercial production service from script writing and TV storyboards to radio jingles, creative radio ads and TV ads. We also produce video for YouTube, TV voiceovers and travel announcements. From concept to delivery we are able to handle the whole creative production process to your exact brief. We offer our services in all languages and are currently producing material that is aimed at UK and European audiences.

We work with a team of musicians, engineers, producers, scriptwriters, vocalists and voiceover artists who produce the highest broadcast quality visual and audio productions and are used to working to a tight deadline. Our client’s adverts have appeared on radio and TV stations in various high visibility locations including Global Radio stations (Heart and Capital) and ITV Meridian.

TV and Radio can be considered ‘traditional’ methods of marketing and both are popular choices for many businesses. They each have their own distinct and unique benefits. Choosing between the two will depend on a range of factors including budget but also taking into account aspects such as target markets, and how a business wishes to present itself to the wider world. Sans Frontiere will work with you to find the right mouthpiece for your brand.

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