Over our 18 years in business we have launched numerous new brands and products across Europe, Ireland and the UK. Experiential marketing provides a unique method to speak to your customers and create long term brand loyalty.

Events and experiential can loosely be termed as branding that you can see, feel or touch. Brand experiences and corporate hospitality packages offer you the chance┬áto inform and reward your most valued clients with an experience they’ll never forget. Experiential marketing fosters bonds between customer and brand by immersing them in a memorable experience. By associating your brand with this positive experience, clients will leave with a positive feeling to your brand. This approach to marketing creates long term relationships that can benefit your brand far into the future.

We deliver imaginative, insightful and creative solutions for:

  • Events
  • Experiential marketing
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Product launches

We can source venues that are appropriate for product launches, run corporate events and build corporate hospitality packages. In building your event, we’ll ensure that key client involvement and press attendance is encouraged. The comprehensive service we provide ensures a bespoke event experience that both fits your brief and your budget.

See examples of our work here.

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