Keeping the sharks out at Sansfrontiere Marketing

Fighting off the sharks. How we do WordPress security.

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At Sans Frontiere, we don’t use a single generic approach to security for all websites and web applications.

As an example, for WordPress sites, we employ a WordPress specific security policy that involves a WordPress specific firewall and a WordPress-centric approach to security hardening.

Did your eyes just glaze over reading that last sentence? If so, you might prefer a metaphor or an analogue for all this techie stuff.

Boats versus Sharks!

If your WordPress website or application is an ocean liner (or even a modest yacht or a tug boat), imagine it floating on the high seas, surrounded by sharks. The sharks want to get into the boat and wreak havoc so they circle your boat, trying to find a vulnerability.

Now your boat could be ultra modern or a nice old vessel, lovingly looked after to keep it seaworthy. In either case, seaworthiness and the ability to fend off the sharks are two different things. Anti-shark defenses are an essential addition to any boat, if you’re serious about keeping the sharks out.

At Sans Frontiere Marketing, we don’t just build websites and launch them onto the sea with a fanfare, leaving them exposed to the predators that we know wait, just out of sight. We equip each vessel we build with a host of anti-shark devices and build in real-time communications to keep us constantly in-touch with every disturbance, every ripple in the water, that your boat encounters. So we know when something changes or when something is blocked or when something needs our attention.

Exit metaphor

We use endpoint Firewalls – which basically means an Application firewall, built into your website. This cannot be bypassed like a Cloud based Firewall can and, since its hooked into your website, it knows what type of visitor each bit of traffic is. It can make better informed decisions and filter traffic more effectively. Its just a lot better.

We use WordPress specific security hardening, moving and renaming files, changing default WordPress values.

We install and manage real-time website monitoring and are notified as soon as something changes or needs updating.

We keep your WordPress core and all your plugins up to date. This means all security related patches are applied when they become available.


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